Debbie Walter

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Author of Introducing Russell

Animals have always held a special place in Debbie’s heart. Growing up, she was the neighborhood “go to” person for questions about a hurt critter or a sick pet. And, over the years, she has rescued many animals who were brought to her dead-end street and left to fend for themselves. All this firsthand experience has given Debbie a one-of-a-kind chance to observe the habits, behaviors, and attitudes of our four-legged friends—and it’s given her some very unique stories about the special relationships that can develop between animal and animal…and, even more so, animal and human.

Also holding a very important spot in Debbie’s large heart is her love for children—attested to by her two grown boys (who continue the Walter tradition of sharing their homes with beloved pets). With her fondness for education in one hand and her years of working in an elementary school’s library in the other, it was only natural that a children’s novella would flow from Debbie’s talented and creative soul.

Introducing Russell, which Debbie also illustrated, reflects her cheerful and caring spirit and brings her love of nature and animals to children of all ages.